Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Malays, Chinese, Indian & All Should UNITE!

The 13 GE for Malaysia ended with slim victory by the ruling party, Barisan Nasional. Congrats to the winners. Remember all YBs we voted you because we have trust in you guys to bring harmony, development to everyone and the nation. I pledge everyone to stand firm united as one bangsa, bangsa Malaysia, people of Malaysia. Why cant wee live in peace like before? Why did some of you sparked the flame of hatred towards racism? WHY?

Tunku Abdul Rahman didnt 'perjuangkan kemerdekaan' to see US fighting each other. It is time to unite! Move towards 2020 of Tun Mahathir's aspiration that has brought us far way better than before. I solemnly swear to protect this country from anything with my family, my multi racial friends. I love every single one of them. because this is how Malaysians should feel.

Go back like we used to be, thick and thin together, can we?

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